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Our Family Pharmacy

At Primary Pediatrics, we make it easy to take care of your entire family’s medical needs. Our Macon office, located on Bowman Road, features an in-house family pharmacy.

If your child requires prescription medication, you can easily pick it up before you leave our office. As a family pharmacy, we can also fulfill the prescription drug needs of parents, reducing the need for you to visit multiple pharmacies to get your medication.

Phone: 478-749-9120

Fax: 478-749-9121

Meet Our Pharmacist

Pharmacists Mich Killingsworth's headshot photo

David Lowery

David is from Eastman, Georgia. He completed his undergraduate studies at Darton College and Middle Georgia College in 2002. He earned his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Georgia in 2007. David worked for Publix as Pharmacy Manager for 10 years and Director of Pharmacy at Dodge County Hospital for 3 years. He joined the Primary Pediatric team in 2019 as a Pharmacist at Primary Pediatrics Family Pharmacy. David is certified in Immunization Delivery and Medication Therapy Management Service. David is married to Lori, and they share four children together.

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